Event Medical Cover

Our Aim

We aim to provide a comprehensive medical package to deal with all medical needs during each event that we support.

We are committed to minimising the impact on the local NHS infrastructure and to treating all patients on site where it is clinically possible to do so.

Types of Events

ACOS Medical provides full-service medical cover for large events, especially those with complex needs, and which require a doctor-led approach for high-quality care.

We manage the entire process, from risk assessment, through to quality-assured provision on the day.
ACOS Medical can provide first aid cover for all types of events some examples are:

Large National Events


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County Shows

Running Events

Cycling Events

Why Our Approach Works For Event Organisers

We aim to treat patients on site, rather than transporting to hospital, and this has a number of benefits for organisers.

It keeps people at your event happier! Nothing is going to ruin people’s experience more than having to go to hospital, or having a friend taken. Especially if they are discharged a short while later.

Safety advisory groups like events that can manage their medical cover well. Getting approval for your events is easier when you demonstrate commitment to safety.