Music festivals present a unique challenge for organisers in terms of getting safety right.  You’re creating a town in the middle of a field, and you want everyone to have a great time.   It isn’t easy, and there are hundreds of providers out there who will tell you that they can help.

Why trust Acos Medical?

Festivals across the country choose Acos Medical, because we are different. We are led by an emergency medicine consultant, supported by a team with decades of experience running these complex, large events.

We look to set up field hospitals on site, staffed with emergency medicine teams, and supported by the right mix of first aid and paramedic skills.

This means that we aim to treat patients on site, rather than transport to hospital.  This keeps your public happier – nothing is going to ruin their festival experience more than a trip to A&E.  We can treat even complex cases on site.

Lots of providers can bring doctors and nurses to site, but we build our festival provision around it.  This means that we exceed the requirements of the purple guide, and because of our experience, can do it at a cost-effective price.

Acos Medical team at Victorious Festival

Risk management

We base our cover on a good understanding of risk, and how to manage it. We will work with you as an organiser, as well as with the local Safety Advisory Group, to bring the best skill mix to your site, and to help ensure your event is safe and successful.