Work with us

We work on large medical events across the country. 

If you have a relevant medical qualification, and you’d like to work on our events, then we’d love to hear from you.

Event medical work is great fun – our team always manage to deliver high-quality medical care whilst having a good time.

Who we need

We’re looking for:

  • State registered paramedics
  • Ambulance crew, including IHCD, AAP, FREC4, and FRUEC5
  • First responders, particularly those with FREC3 and FREC4

We do occasionally also have slots for nurses and doctors, particularly those with emergency department and pre-hospital experience (e.g. with PHEC).

Blue light driving experience is not required for ambulance grades, as we have a variety of roles which need filling in medical centres, and in attending roles.

What you’ll be doing

We specialise in large events, from festivals, to marathons, to county shows.

You’ll work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of medical staff at all grades, and will be supported by senior clinical and managerial staff at all times. Our teams typically range from around 6 staff at the smallest events up to teams of 80 or more at larger events.

At most events, you will work in a medical centre. We equip these with all the kit you’ll need – you won’t be asked to bring your own equipment, with a few exceptions like your own stethoscope if you wish.

How we work

Our team generally work on a self-employed bank basis.

You can choose events and shifts to fit around your shifts and your life, and sign up electronically.

To be accepted onto our staff bank, you’ll need to provide:

  • Evidence of your qualifications
  • Two employment references
  • An up-to-date disclosure and barring service check, on the update service (if you do not have one, we can arrange this)

Once you’re accepted, we’ll provide you with relevant induction training, so you know our way of doing things.

You’ll be helped at your first events to get used to how we work, completing our paperwork, and so on.

When the event is over, send us an invoice and we always pay promptly.

How to apply

To apply to join our bank of staff, you need to complete the documents below, and return them to

Application form

Immunisation Declaration Form

You should also include scans or photographs of:

It helps if you also supply a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself for your ID card, although you can provide this after your application is approved if you prefer.

Driving roles

If you are applying for a role which involves driving our vehicles, then you will need to complete one or both of these:

Driver Risk Assessment Form

Emergency driving authorisation form