Acos Medical provides expert governance and compliance support for CQC ambulance services, and for other pre-hospital providers.

We are able to create, maintain, and help implement policies, procedures, clinical pathways, and governance arrangements, which meet all relevant national standards, and which can help ensure our clients gain or keep CQC registration.

Policy and procedure development

There are a wide range of ‘off-the-shelf’ policies available for use by providers, for a simple fixed fee, or we can create them just for you.

All of our policies are in line with national standards, and when correctly implemented will help ensure compliance with CQC and Monitor standards.

Outsourced governance

It can be hard for providers to maintain the right level of clinical governance to stay within the rules, but Acos Medical can help by putting in place full governance structures.

Medical direction

We can also provide outsourced medical direction for your organisation, when provided in conjunction with our full-service governance.

Our medical director is an experienced emergency department and pre-hospital doctor.

Compliance crisis management

If your organisation finds itself in trouble, having failed an inspection, or having identified serious quality issues in the provision of medical services, then Acos Medical can help you get back on track, with expert advice on remediation, compliance, and policy improvement.